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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shaun T's Dance Party Series

Untuk yang dah  suka menari..
Tak suka workout yang bosan..
Minat Hip Hop..

Nin dia....

Hip Hop Dance Series..

Ada 4 tajuk dalam ni..

1- Rockin Abs
2- Hard Body
3- Cardio Groove
4- Booty Shakin'

Dinasihatkan.. sebelum melangkah ke Hip Hop Dance Party ni..
Khatamkan dulu Hip Hop yang lama..

Boleh dapatkan di SINI


Step2 dalam ni adalah lanjutan daripada hip hop yang sebelumnya..
Ada juga yang sama.. tapi telah dilajukan sedikit..

Ada pakai dumbell dengan exercise mat..

The Shaun T's Dance Party Series fitness program is designed as a dance oriented cardiovascular workout program that primarily targets weight loss. The workouts are performed with a moderately high energy level and at a high tempo. For this reason, each of the exercise routines create a high caloric expenditure when performed.

More specifically, each exercise workout forces the individual's body to burn a high number of calories, thus creating an overall caloric deficit. By doing so, individuals are able to safely and effectively lose weight while, at the same time, decreasing their overall percentage of body fat.

Overall, the Shaun T's Dance Party Series fitness program is intended for individuals that are looking to lose weight, improve their cardiovascular endurance and achieve a more toned and sculpted physique. Hence, for individuals that enjoy performing exercise routines that are dance-based, the Shaun T's Dance Party Series fitness program may be what you are looking for.

01-  Rocking Abs Dance Party:  Shaun will teach you some hot moves that will make you lose fat while you tone and flatten your mid section.

02- Hard Body Dance Party: This is the all in one workout, where Shaun combines cardio, total body sculpting and ab moves to get your body rock solid!

03- Cardio Groove Dance Party:  Packed with revolutionary cardio moves that will transform your whole body guaranteed!

04- Booty Shaking Dance Party: Get ready to kiss fat goodbye once you join Shaun T’s shake your booty party!

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