Tak Paksa.. Tapi I Suke taw.. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Lama tau aku muat turun zumba fitness ni..
Setahun setengah baru siap!!
Dahsyat tak :)

Akhirnya muncul juga di pasaran..
Kat groupon pun ada jual..
RM98.00... dapat sekali dengan toning stick tu..


Ini yang korang akan dapat..
Dengan aku.. dari 7 dvd.. tinggal 3 dvd..
JIMAT!! :))

Toning stick tarak..
Pandai2 laa korang kang nak hayun apa..

Aku dah tengok..
3-4 kali tengok punya semangat..

Memang syiok!!!

Lagu-lagu best..
Instruction jelas..
Tak cam set yg lama..
Ada yg cakap Spanish..

Yang ni 100% in English..
Dan lagi best depa dubbing balik suara..
So, mmg jelas di pendengaran..

Dalam 7 tajuk ni..
2 adalah tutorial..
Memang dari basic akan diajar..
Dalam Zumba ni.. gerakkan kaki la yg paling susah..
Tapi jangan risau..
Mesti boleh master punya..

Disc 1: Step-by-Step
This DVD serves as an introduction to the steps found throughout the rest of the set. I thought it did a great job of breaking down the moves in an easy-to-follow way, including a cool toggle feature that lets you view moves from both the front and back. This DVD is meant to be more of a reference than an actual workout; use it to get a feel for the steps and to go back to it if you need help with the moves in the other workouts.

Disc 2: Activate
''Activate" is a 45-minute beginner's Zumba class. There are basic moves mixed in with some challenging choreography. I thought it was a bit hard to follow for a beginner's class, but I'm sure it would get easier after a few tries.

Disc 3: Ripped
The "Ripped" DVD is a 60-minute workout broken up into a toning section, using the 1-pound toning sticks, and a Sentao section, which uses a chair and your own body weight. The toning section focuses on dancing accompanied by upper body moves using the toning sticks. The Sentao section incorporates body weight exercises such as lunges, triceps dips, and balancing moves.

Disc 4: Exhilarate
This disc features a full 60-minute Zumba class, led by two instructors. It was my favorite of the whole set! The variety of music was incredible: in a single hour, I danced along to Latin funk, Latin house, hip-hop, Indian, Reggaeton, and Flamenco music. The dance routines were fun, but, as in the ''Activate'' DVD, they were a little hard to follow along with.

Disc 5: Rush
This DVD features a 20-minute Zumba workout, led by two instructors. This is a great workout that gets your heart rate up quickly, and is perfect for when you're short on time.  

Disc 6: Mix
"Mix" was an unexpected surprise and probably one of the coolest features in the set. In this workout, you learn African, Latin, Indian, hip-hop, Asian fusion, and Flamenco dances from a variety of instructors. I also appreciated that it had two detailed sections dedicated to breaking down the moves.

Disc 7: Fitness-Concert
This DVD was my least favorite of the set. It features nine instructors teaching a Zumba class to a stadium full of people. Although the show on stage is great, it's very hard to follow the moves, as there is no verbal cueing from the instructors. The camera also often pans out over the audience, which can be distracting.





Izni Hafiz Abdul Rashid said...

Orang kat rumah nie pun tengah sibuk berzumba-zumba juga...

Lily said...

Salam sis..

Sis minat zumba jugak ye..bagus zumba ni.Saya pun kejap je hilang berat badan dengan berzumba.hehehe...

Chaiyok sis!Ganbatte!

Leyla said...

kak zalia klu zumba berapa arga dia plk

I want to lose weight said...


whatapps akak pls :)