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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me Too Flower

Dah lama tak layan citer cinta-cinta remaja khenn..
Stok cutie-cutie pie..

Ok, meh layan Me Too Flower.. :)

Ni kisah ala-ala citer Prince and Cinderella..
Hero orang kaya, tapi menyamar jadi parking attendance..
Heroin pulak takat polis biasa-biasa je..

She is a pretty, petite police officer who has a fiery personality.
She has no friends and invokes a strong negative emotion among her fellow policemen.
But she suffers from depression, which is what makes her so difficult to get along with.
She has trouble keeping a relationship and hardly has any friends because she rubs people the wrong way.
But underneath her abrasive personality, she has a tender heart.
After encountering Seo Jae-hee, she starts developing feelings for him.

Ni hero..
Kenalkan.. Kim Tak Gu :)
Menten cute and handsome..

Heroin ni mmg tak tahu pasal hero ni boss big company..
Mula2 tu dia cam tak suka laa hero..
Tapi lama-lama jadi suka laa pulak..

He is pursued by three women who love him.
But he is a free spirit and also an undercover boss.
When his parents died when he was just 13, he had to grow up quick.

He soon began delivering papers, working at restaurants and holding down a factory job.
One day, he meets Park Hwa-young and they start a clothing brand together which they named “Berke.”
But he commits a mistake that causes the death of Park’s husband.
He is ridden with guilt towards Park because of what he did.
But he falls in love with Bong-sun, which leads to a love triangle.

Tapi, bila dia tau keadaan sebenar..
Terus dia mintak putus..

Pastu ada 2 tino lain yg suka gak kat hero..
Depa buat macam2 nak bagi hero jatuh suka pada depa..
Tapi akhirnya terbongkar juga kejahatan depa..

Sorang adalah business partner hero..
Yang sorang lagi pulak..
Dia mmg bercita-cita kahwin dengan orang kaya..
Sanggup berbuat apa saja..


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