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Monday, February 10, 2014

Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump ni programnya 90 hari..
Memang tough.. tapi sangat popular..
LMP dibuat berdasarkan kelas Les Mills Bodypump..
Tapi dulu kena pergi gym.. atau kelas untul buat LMP ni..
Namun, bila dah ada DVD..
LM Bodypump ni boleh dibuat di rumah..

Bahan-bahan yang perlu ada :)
LMP ni menggunakan Barbell set..
Bell tu yang bulat... pemberat tu la..
Bar tu yang rod panjang tu la..
Yang kecik tu pengunci..
So, sebelum melayan LMP ni..
Kena la beli Barbell set ni dulu kat mana-mana kedai fitness

Ni antara trainer yang terlibat..
Depa ni datang dari pelbagai negara..
The best pump trainer around the world..
Dari M'sia takdak.. yg hujung kanan tu nama Beng Tang dr S'pore...
Masa workout lebih kurang 30 minit - 45 minit..
Kira ok la kan.. takde lama sangat..

Ikut schedule..
Takde laa hari2 kena layan LMP ni..
Seminggu 3 kali sahaja..
So, masa rest day tu boleh laa workout lain yang lebih ringan..

Pump Challenge
The Pump Challenge eases you into the program by incorporating fundamental strength training moves such as chest presses, dead lifts and overhead presses. It starts working your large muscles right away so you can see results in a matter of weeks. The workout is approximately 20 minutes long and will clearly explain each move prior to beginning the exercise.

Pump and Burn
The Pump and Burn will begin to combine moves for combinations that can be slightly harder to grasp. If you have taken a Body Pump class at the gym, all of the moves will be familiar to you. If you are new to Pump, you will want to turn down the music and raise the volume on the instructor so that you can hear the instructions clearly. The combination moves will work several muscles at one time, giving you a calorie blasting cardio workout while doing strength training moves. The Pump and Burn is approximately 30 minutes long.

Pump and Shred
The Pump and Shred increases the cardiovascular aspect and turns up the heat. In this workout, you will really need to work on building up your endurance to make it through the 45 minute cardio and strength training workout. The Rep Effect is obvious here, with countless repetitions to have you really feeling the burn.

Pump Revolution
The Revolution is one of the longer workouts in the series at just under an hour. Prepare to work your upper and lower body to the extreme with power moves such as lunges, presses and squats.

Pump Extreme
The Extreme is under an hour as well and focuses more on each individual muscle group than on larger groups such as legs, back and chest. You will work your triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, hamstrings and every other muscle in your body to the max. After a few weeks of doing the Extreme, you will be able to see the fat burn and a leaner, more sculpted physique will reveal itself.

The Flow is considered the cool down in the series. It is based on Yoga moves and incorporates a lot of stretching and core moves to keep you limber and strong. Do this workout in the mornings to help kick off your day or in the evenings to help you wind down. The Flow is approximately 20 minutes long.

Hard Core Abs
Hard Core Abs was designed to help you obtain the six pack you have been eye balling on all of those fitness buffs at the gym. It combines a variety of abdominal moves to work every angle of your midsection, including your abs and your obliques. Of course, you will need to make sure you follow the nutritional plan religiously if you hope to obtain that lean, flat stomach. Hard Core Abs is approximately 20 minutes long

Contoh yang survive 90 hari :)

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