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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PIYO - Chalene Johnson

Seperti yang tertulis di atas..
PIYO ni tak guna instrument..
Takde melompat cam gaban..
Takde gila2 workout cam kawan dia Shaun T..
Takde meraung2 punya susah nak buat..

Orang yang takut lutut cedera..
Sesuai guna PIYO..

Apakah itu PIYO?

Piyo - workout yang gabungkan strength, stretch and flexibility...
Result sama spt buat Yoga, Pilates, Interval Training, Cardio Training & Core Training..
Ni kira cam gabungan laa..
Itu sebab dia kurang lompatan.. kurang gila-gila..
Lebih kepada workout dalam ketenangan..
Tapi impact result sama cam workout-workout lain..

Selain turun berat badan..
Kalau dah kurus tu boleh laa nampak muscle building..

Cycle PIYO = 60 hari

Tapi workoutnya tak panjang..
Antara 20 minit - 40 minit..

PIYO ni kalau order online..
Ada 2 package..
1 basic package = USD59.95
1 full package termasuk keahlian beachbody = USD140.00

Yang dengan akak ni..
Korang akan dapat..
  • 8 Workout + 1 Bonus
  • Workout schedule

Emel sanun.. nnt akak layan...

The eight workouts plus the bonus workout that come with all three PiYo packages include:

Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes)
Align is an all in one workout that helps you understand the correct form required to perform each of the moves in the PiYo program. It explains PiYo terminology, proper core alignment and also includes modifications for those that require them to complete each workout. It is the easiest of the workouts and will help you understand the principles behind PiYo as well.
Define: Lower Body (25 minutes)
This lower body workout focuses on the thighs, calves and buttocks. It works every muscle in your lower extremities, including your hamstrings and quad muscles, to give you long, lean legs. You will feel the burn from this workout each time you get up and sit down for days after completing it.
Define: Upper Body (35 minutes)
If you want the arms to stop flapping in the wind, this upper body workout can help make that happen. It will help reshape your arms by focusing much of the moves on your shoulders, biceps and triceps. This workout will also work your chest and give you upper body strength that most feel is unattainable without weights.

Sweat (35 minutes)
This is one of the faster paced workouts that works every muscle in your body. It includes a lot of yoga influences done at a dynamic speed to help make you burn calories and sweat for the entire 35 minutes.
Sculpt (30 minutes)
This workout will work your muscles at different tempos to keep challenging them. You will feel the burn as you go through each exercise and hold positions to challenge your endurance.
Core (30 minutes)
Working the core is vital in achieving a long, lean physique and that is exactly what this workout does. It will help you obtain the flat abs that so many hope for. All moves are designed to lengthen and strengthen the midsection.

Strength Intervals (25 minutes)
This non-stop interval workout includes various movements done at a fast pace to help burn the maximum amount of calories. It works every muscle in your body and will get your heart rate up almost immediately.
Drench (45 minutes)
Drench will take you through a warm up and stretch of your upper and lower body, then quickly transition you to a fast paced, cardio portion to bump up your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. It will culminate with a lower body segment to help improve endurance and balance in your legs and core.
Buns (Bonus Workout 25 minutes)
Flat butt be gone with this bonus workout! It will lift your buttocks and redefine your entire backside with a variety of moves that also work the legs and thighs.
Hardcore on the Floor
This workout is available only if the program is purchased through a Beachbody coach. It is an all-body workout designed to strengthen every muscle from head to toe and can be added to days that you are doing other workouts in the series for increased intensity.

  • It combines cardio, yoga, Pilates, strength training and core work into one workout.
  • It includes modifications for beginners.
  • It improves core strength and flexibility
  • It does not require any equipment
  • It can be done at home, at work or in a hotel with nothing else besides a DVD player and TV required. 

Ni PIYO juga :)

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